Sootech Mobi

How to use

Here are a few features which provides:
  • Share complete contact information using just a phone #, QR code, or Sootech ID
  • Free Back-Up your contact list and use it on your new phone
  • Automatically updates latest phone #s from your network
  • Digitized business card = environmentally friendly + easier networking
There are more features that provides. <- Click Here

Account Set Up:

1) Visit and fill out simple details on Registration Page (

2) Fill out your contact information as desired (you can add additional fields for your Skype, secondary # etc.)
3) Install the mobile App for your Phone

4) Import your current contacts from your phone
- This is so you can get a copy of your current contacts
5) Now you are ready to use
Continue to the tabs bellow to find out more features and options.

Contact Details/Info:

A key essence to this service is to keep your contact details updated.
You can add additional fields (for flexibility we did not want to limit you to set types) by clicking add more fields button.

This means you can share your BBM, your Skype Id, your Yahoo ID, your MSN (do we still use this?) and any other contact information you'd like to add which will automatically be updated onto your contact list's information! (So they get it on their phone immediately; they can call your new number or add your bbm)

In the "Enter Label here" field that will pop up after you click "add field" enter the title of the information. In the "Enter Value here" enter the actual information you want.

Keep your Information up to date (updating your profile directly on the mobile app or the website works)

The importance is to fill in your phone # and email so your contacts can get your correct details on their phones. If you get a new phone # simply update the new phone # and your contacts can contact you with your new phone # (it is automatically updated to the # they call using app)

Adding Contacts:

We have tried to make adding contacts as easy and flexible as possible.\
SID (Sootech ID):
This is a unique code for your account. You can share it with others for them to add your contact or you can enter someone SID to add their contact information.

Remembering keying in a string of 5 letters/numbers is much easier than entering their full name, phone number, email, skype etc.
QR Code:
When you log in, you will find on your left of the page a picture of a QR Code. This is like a bar code that phones can scan. Build in to the mobile application is a QR code scanner.

You can scan this simple QR Code from your friend, scanning this QR code will automatically add their contact.

Additionally, you can add this QR code on your business card for others to add your contact information.

This can be used in many ways such as listing your contact information on a flyer, business card (making adding contacts easy), or even just sending the QR code online. app is also equip with an in-build QR code scanner to easily add someone's contact by scanning their QR Code

SID Link:
Finally, there is also the linking option. A simple link to add someone's full contact profile.

This might be best used when you want to share your details online without neglecting your privacy. You can use this to protect your details from others who you did not intend it for.
Another unique feature about is the convenience to add contact details directly base on phone #s

We understand it might be hard to memorize more things thus you can easily add someone's FULL Contact details with their phone #.

You simply enter the phone # and if the person is a member of you're all set and ready to go. You get their complete latest contact details from their bbm to their email address!

External Contacts:

This is for flexibility; if you want to make full use of the features mentioned above we have this option for you to add contacts manually (this can be done online or mobile):

What this allows you to do is to add the contact details to your list as any other contact; meaning it's backed up with the added features above.

The only difference is you don't get the automatically updated information. If your friends are not using sootech, share the love and ask them to create an account so you can get their updated information (and they can get a host of other benefits).

Settings & Privacy:

Privacy and settings are very important.

We are working on features to allow you to personalize your contact however there are also other more important features (feel free to suggest more):

- Select your privacy level. you can make it open flow so anyone can add you or you can require for approval for your information to be shared to another individual.

The benefit of the first way (open) is just like in the real world with your phone #. The idea is to make adding contact fast and easy.

The benefit of the second method (on approval), you can protect your information when sharing your details online.

We are working on more features for you but we want to hear what YOU want (no point adding a bunch of things that won't be useful-we want to make this application effective)


We want to develop a powerful and useful tool to help you so as always please know we'd like to hear your feedback. Message us anytime (even if just to say Hi ?)

If you need any further clarification on this resource please get in contact with us on the link above. We will be happy to clarify any questions you might have!

(if you're not signed-up yet-what are you waiting for? It's free! Sign up here!)